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Literature is central to the human quest for meaning. It’s a unique vehicle for finding ourselves, for navigating our course in an often confusing and complex world. Because it speaks to our imagination, literature allows us to approach the moral, ethical, social, and political dilemmas of the human situation in an integrated way. The beautiful and the well-argued, the felt and the reasoned, the actual and the possible, the message and the medium: students of literature—undergraduates, graduates, and professors—do not treat these spheres as distinct aspects of human existence. In our department, they bring them together.


September 18, 2014

Washington University MFA announces new track in creative nonfiction

The MFA program is currently taking applications for its new creative nonfiction track, with an initial acceptance of two students for fall 2015, with two more added in 2016. Applications can be found here and are due by December 15. All students in the two-year program receive full and equal funding in the form of a tuition waiver for both years, a $21,150 stipend during the first year and a $21,150 Teaching Assistantship during the second year. Our creative nonfiction students will teach one introductory course in their genre each semester of the second year. Students will work with our nonfiction faculty and with two Visiting Hurst Professors annually.

Upcoming Events

Hurst Lounge, Duncker Hall 201 @ 8:00 pm
A Talk by Visiting Hurst Professor Dan Vitkus
Hurst Lounge, Duncker Hall 201 @ 6:00 pm
A Workshop with Visiting Hurst Professor Daniel Vitkus
Coffee Room, Duncker Hall 210 @ 12:00 pm